Monday, 6 April 2015

Rest & Recreation

Finally school year 2014- 2015 had officially ended. Now it's time to rest and recreate. 
Through this school year, I have encountered a lot of things that somehow changed me as a person.
Failures ( not in academics ), disappointments, misunderstandings, heartaches etc. Experiencing those challenges had taught me to understand life better. I've learned how to accept things the way it should be  and  understand every situation that is happening. It's not always about the good times, laughters and happy memories.  Sometimes we need to be down in order for us to grow and become stronger. That's just how life goes. You gotta live with it.
These are some of the things my friends and I talked about during our RnR.  It was definitely memorable. I got to learn a lot of things that day.


We were out for a rest and recreation but of course adventure would always be there. So I thought of wearing a  comfy outfit. Just a sleeveless croptop and a highwaisted shorts. I think  it's perfect for the weather since it's very hot. Plus,  I never forget to bring shades whenever I go out, I always have it with me. It makes your outfit more stylish and of course it protects my eyes  from the heat of the sun.


Thank you Lord for teaching me to be strong & Thank you family & friends for not leaving my side 

Outfit Details: Top: FDNY, Shorts: Cheap Finds, Shoes: Forever 21, Shades: Sunnies

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