Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Negros Love Dance 2015

Love Dance 2015 was a blast! Once again, Negros was heard all over the archipelago. It made everyone one with the elements.

It's my second time around going to this party yet the Headrush team didn't lower down my expectations. Nice stage, great lights, awesome DJ's and of course  still the best crowd. Now I can finally say, Negrosanons really know how to party. 

Thank you to my family, high school  and college friends who partied with me from noon to sunrise! 
 It was definitely one for the books!
Looking forward to Lovedance 2016.

I know everyone is eager to wear something really chic for this event. Well they should be cause' this event happens only once a year. 
 I wanted to wear something comfy yet fab on this festival. Party lasts for a long period of time, of course I didn't want to feel uncomfy or tired at the middle of the party. My top, it actually has gorgeous prints, Prints are really perfect for outdoor parties. I matched it with my black short-shorts. It's actually a new style of shorts where sides are a bit shorter. This new style of shorts made my legs look longer.  I know there'll be a lot of people partying and it will be very crowded, So I wore something close to protect my feet.

Outfit Details: Top: H&M, Shorts: Chikko Fashion Shoes: Forever 21 Hat: Sm Accessories

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Boho Chic

Boho-chic  means a style of fashion with Bohemian and Hippie influences way back during 21st century. I'm really addicted with Boho since then, because of it's cute and unique style.

Boho style is actually  more on natural colors, earthy tones, with splashes of colors  like brown, orange, magenta. Shorts, skirts and flowy tops are good examples of Boho Fashion, but you don't have to be baggy in order to achieve Boho.
For the shoes, boots and strappy flats are perfect. It depends on your preferences. Leg warmers and kneesacks are also great to make it more chic. 
Lastly, my favorite part, is the Accessories! Accessories  is really  a must!  Boho is synonymous with accessories galore. You need to have a "lot"  starting from your head down to your toes.  Earings, bangles, anklets, rings, long necklaces are perfect. You don't just have to stick with jewelries, you could also use hats, belts, scarfs, headbands and barrettes. It's actually endless accessories. There's no such thing as over-accessorized or overdressed in Boho Fashion, as long as it matches your ourfit, then go for it. 

This is my latest bohemian shoot. I'm sure I'll be posting more Boho shoots soon. Wait for it!

( C ) Gila Inefable
Outift Details: Top: SM Women's Wear, Short: Chikko Fashion, Long Necklace: Forever 21

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sumilon Island

Now I can feel summer! After how many months, finally I've gotten myself off in beach getaway! 

We all know that Cebu is known for it's numerous beautiful beaches in the country. One of these beaches is the Sumilon Island.  The Sumilon Island is located at the southern part of Cebu,  Near Oslob where the whalesharks can be found. You would have to ride a boat in order to go here. It's actually quite expensive, but it's worth every penny. You'll have no regrets.
This  island is also famous for its sandbar. Some people say it changes  shape every time the season changes, isn't it cool?? 
The different shades of blue on the beach is a temptation that's very hard to resist. Seeing how clear the water is, just makes me really want to swim.
 We were basked under the heat of the sun, but it made me forget how "ouchy" my skin already was because I was having so much fun! 

Bikini; Cheap Finds , Scarf: Sm Accessories

Friday, 17 April 2015

Plantation Bay, Mactan Island

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa  is one of the most top class beach resorts found in Mactan Island.  People say there  are more foreigners who stays here than the Filipinos. Actually yes, because this resort charges dollars to their guests. 
This is a great place for families with small children. The pools are so kid friendly and it's huge, Not just it's huge, they have like a lot of pools where you can transfer anytime you want as long as you are checked inn in their hotel. This place is very relaxing cause' people are not crowded.  Another thing  about this place is that they have a world class facility spa and also same with their restaurants. 

We only had a quick visit at this place. I wanted to swim but unfortunately we had some other itineraries that we also need to visit. Just took a few photos from this place. 

I would really love to come back if given the chance.

Outfit Details: Top: Kosas, Shorts: SM, Scarf: SM Accessories, Shades: Cheap Finds

Monday, 13 April 2015

La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne was actually not included on our itinerary. Just as I was scrolling on my instagram, I saw some photos of this place, and just my luck it was actually located in Cebu. I was really amazed by the photos so I told my dad right away. I wouldn't want to miss this place, It was just so nice, and to think it's my first visit in Cebu City.
 By the help of "Ways" (Map Application), we were able to reach La Vie.

La Vie Parisienne is a French word which actually means the "Parisian Life".
La Vie  is a French Retsaurant, Bakery and Winery. What I love most of this place is that this place makes you feel like you're really in Paris. Though these are just fake cherry blossoms, in fact it's unusually awkward when you're up close, still it reaches the customers expectations when it comes to the beauty of the place. The place was so Intagrammable. 
 Not only that, they also offer great winery, which is also one thing why the place is well known in Cebu, and of course their  famous French Macaroons which really came all the way from Paris. 

La Vie Parisienne is located along Gorodo St. Cebu City. They open at 7 am til' midnight.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Waterfront Hotel & Casino is a four star hotel located in Cebu City, Philippines. It is conveniently located at the center of Cebu City. It means easy access to places you wish to go like key businesses, shopping districts and famous landmarks.
There are three blocks within the property, the Convention, Rooms and the 24 hours Casino.

This was our first stop the moment we arrived in Cebu City at 6:30 in the evening via land trip and our first destination really didn't disappoint us. Despite our very tired faces, we still managed to enjoy the place. The ambiance was great and staffs were very hospitable and friendly.
Waterfront Hotel & Casino is really the place to go and stay.

Outfit Details: Top: SM Teens Wear, Shorts: Chikko Fashion Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: Michael Kors

Monday, 6 April 2015

Rest & Recreation

Finally school year 2014- 2015 had officially ended. Now it's time to rest and recreate. 
Through this school year, I have encountered a lot of things that somehow changed me as a person.
Failures ( not in academics ), disappointments, misunderstandings, heartaches etc. Experiencing those challenges had taught me to understand life better. I've learned how to accept things the way it should be  and  understand every situation that is happening. It's not always about the good times, laughters and happy memories.  Sometimes we need to be down in order for us to grow and become stronger. That's just how life goes. You gotta live with it.
These are some of the things my friends and I talked about during our RnR.  It was definitely memorable. I got to learn a lot of things that day.


We were out for a rest and recreation but of course adventure would always be there. So I thought of wearing a  comfy outfit. Just a sleeveless croptop and a highwaisted shorts. I think  it's perfect for the weather since it's very hot. Plus,  I never forget to bring shades whenever I go out, I always have it with me. It makes your outfit more stylish and of course it protects my eyes  from the heat of the sun.


Thank you Lord for teaching me to be strong & Thank you family & friends for not leaving my side 

Outfit Details: Top: FDNY, Shorts: Cheap Finds, Shoes: Forever 21, Shades: Sunnies