Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Endless Summer

Hello summer 2014! I know A lot of people these days are longing for their upcoming summer trip, it could be on the beach, swimming pools, other cities or even other countries. How exciting. HAHA  Summer is all about having fun. Well of course I'm very excited too, I just can't wait to go to the beach, I really miss playing in the sand, watching the sunset, and seeing the blue waters. and yeah next week will be our first beach trip this year, in Sipalay, just a 5 hour drive from Bacolod City. It's a bit long but I love having roadtrips, seeing the views on the side, the beautiful forests, mountains, plains and a lot more just makes me want to do roadtrips more. Philippines is really blessed with such a beautiful natural resources.
 So to my ootd, I'm really in love with my highwaist shorts which I bought in manila a couple of months agotogether with my besties, I really find it easy to wear because it really fits my size and I can match any color with it. Now to my top, I had this dark pink inner shirt which is a spaghetti strap and added a blazer over it. Using blazers makes your look more stylish. Whenever you're in a rush, blazers are the best way that could make you look good in whatever you took in your closet. Just  the solution to your problem.  Wearing it could already make you look good. It's like an addition for a very simple look.

These photos were taken in The District Ayala Mall.




Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Finally! I got to post my photos which was in Boracay taken last 2013 of June. We were out on an instant vacation in Boracay when my auntie was home from United States. It was really instant because we just decided to go there a day before the trip. Though it was the first day of our class, my sister and I still insist to be with them since it was just only for three days. Well who doesn't love going to the beach? No one haha. Going to the beach makes me feel relaxed and free. So yeah we packed our clothes immediately and of course brought our cute bikinis with us.  Among the three bikinis I brought, my favorite is the one that I wore on the photos, it's a green dotted bikini. I love how the color matches my skin. It makes me feel sexy and it enhances my skin color. If you want to visit resort Where I did the shoot, it was in Pucca Beach Resort. I tell you it was really lovely and far different from the beaches on the stations. There were only a few people who are visiting that resort since it is an exclusive one.