Friday, 20 June 2014

You Don't Know A Thing About Me

Hello Everyone! New Look for me! I'm usually used to girly looks such as floral prints, skirts and heels etc. It's nice that I've  tried something new again after a long time. Most of my clothes are already used up. Really need to shop again. But so far. I love this outfit, the dress was really perfect  and   I love how the dress fits me. I just saw it in my closet and realized that I've never used it. 
Now let's talk about beanies,  for my beanie right there, I just found  it at my dad's Cap Cabinet, it's the same color with my dress so I decided to wear it. It looks good with the dress though. I'm starting to like beanies nowadays, whenever I see it in the malls, it makes me stop and check on it.  I didn't buy any  them though, It's just not perfect for the season yet. I'll just wait for the rainy season. Maybe I could buy one. 
That's all for now! 



Outfit Details: Dress: Polo, Shoes: Converse

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Our Last Day

So here's my last day in Sipalay, as I told you  that I'll be posting it really soon. On our last day, I just spent my time relaxing, sunbathing, enjoying the beautful beach & sand and feeling the fresh air. Just the perfect time for me to think about random things to free my mind and  also a time just for myself. I really enjoyed every minute of our stay there.
We do have a lot of beautiful beaches with a white sand in the Philippines or even in Negros alone, but to tell you, Sipalay Beach is really amazing, unlike any other resorts, Sipalay is not yet populated, only a few poeple go here. So you can really relax and enjoy.

Definitely my last photoshoot on the beach for summer 2014' :( I feel so sad.




Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lost In My Own Mind

Hello Everyone! Sipalay Trip day 2! We kinda had a long day cause' that day was scheduled for boating, and that includes swimming with the fishes and snorkeling. Definitely we're all very excited. As always HAHA We  woke up really really early ate breakfast then left. 
The boys were seperated from the girls. They went to crocodile island while we went to Perth Paradise. It was a fun trip though.  Really enjoyed swimming in the blue waters and watching the beautiful views.
So here's my shoot again for the 2nd day, We arrived just in time for the sunset around 5:30 pm.  Just the perfect timing for a good lighting. The sun was absolutely amazing that time. I really enjoyed watching  it that I forgot to take a photo :((((  Good thing it turned out  great in my shoot. Thanks to Mr Sun HAHAHA  This is one of my favorite swimwear btw,  It's a torquoise green, lace swimwear bought by my mom. I just find it one of the cutest. 


Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I know it's kinda late to post this, but I just want to share with you the photos we took during our Summer 2014' beach trip In Sipalay. I always do photoshoots everytime I'm on the beach, cause' we barely go there. It's just once a year. So as I was saying a while ago, this post is already late, these were taken last month during Holy week. I've been busy after we arrived from the beach. cause' I had this workshop to join and our schedule is everyday, So I didn't have much time to organize and edit my photos. Since I'm already free now and the workshop had ended, ( Bacollywood; see my last post ) Finally I got to post them. I'm really  in love with my shades that I wore on those photos, though I was just class A, it still gets the perfect quality that I've been looking for. It came from an online shop btw.  As for my swimwear, obviously It's Roxy and I really liked the color, it makes me look white even more. It was my first brown swimwear. HAHAHA This is just actually the first day on our 3 days trip, and the 2nd and 3rd day will be coming soon. Just wait for it. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Credits to my sister Mikaella who took these photos