Friday, 20 June 2014

You Don't Know A Thing About Me

Hello Everyone! New Look for me! I'm usually used to girly looks such as floral prints, skirts and heels etc. It's nice that I've  tried something new again after a long time. Most of my clothes are already used up. Really need to shop again. But so far. I love this outfit, the dress was really perfect  and   I love how the dress fits me. I just saw it in my closet and realized that I've never used it. 
Now let's talk about beanies,  for my beanie right there, I just found  it at my dad's Cap Cabinet, it's the same color with my dress so I decided to wear it. It looks good with the dress though. I'm starting to like beanies nowadays, whenever I see it in the malls, it makes me stop and check on it.  I didn't buy any  them though, It's just not perfect for the season yet. I'll just wait for the rainy season. Maybe I could buy one. 
That's all for now! 



Outfit Details: Dress: Polo, Shoes: Converse

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