Saturday, 7 June 2014

Our Last Day

So here's my last day in Sipalay, as I told you  that I'll be posting it really soon. On our last day, I just spent my time relaxing, sunbathing, enjoying the beautful beach & sand and feeling the fresh air. Just the perfect time for me to think about random things to free my mind and  also a time just for myself. I really enjoyed every minute of our stay there.
We do have a lot of beautiful beaches with a white sand in the Philippines or even in Negros alone, but to tell you, Sipalay Beach is really amazing, unlike any other resorts, Sipalay is not yet populated, only a few poeple go here. So you can really relax and enjoy.

Definitely my last photoshoot on the beach for summer 2014' :( I feel so sad.




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