Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lost In My Own Mind

Hello Everyone! Sipalay Trip day 2! We kinda had a long day cause' that day was scheduled for boating, and that includes swimming with the fishes and snorkeling. Definitely we're all very excited. As always HAHA We  woke up really really early ate breakfast then left. 
The boys were seperated from the girls. They went to crocodile island while we went to Perth Paradise. It was a fun trip though.  Really enjoyed swimming in the blue waters and watching the beautiful views.
So here's my shoot again for the 2nd day, We arrived just in time for the sunset around 5:30 pm.  Just the perfect timing for a good lighting. The sun was absolutely amazing that time. I really enjoyed watching  it that I forgot to take a photo :((((  Good thing it turned out  great in my shoot. Thanks to Mr Sun HAHAHA  This is one of my favorite swimwear btw,  It's a torquoise green, lace swimwear bought by my mom. I just find it one of the cutest. 


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