Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'll Be Sweeter This Time

Right after celebrating Christmas on the 24th, everyone was absolutely very tired from last night's happenings.  We did games, we eat and eat, we talked for hours and of course drinking sesh to make it more "fun", they said. 
 I couldn't even get out of my bed the next morning.  I was very tired, I mean all of us were very very tired. Almost everyone woke up at around 2:00 pm. My mom woke me up at 12pm cause' we still need to travel back to my grandma's  house to have lunch with the whole family, including my aunties and cousins. When we finally arrived, all of my cousins were still asleep, my sister and I got nothing to do. We got bored so we decided to take a walk around the subdivison. Since the camera is with us, we decided to have a shoot. It was fun though.
 It was just a small subdivision, it's very clean and surroundings were perfect for a background.


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