Thursday, 2 January 2014

This Mess we're In

Just a typical Saturday afternoon, I'm finally we're heading to the mall together with my mom and my sister cause I need to buy something and of course to be able to spend quality time together. We're supposed to leave at 2:00 pm but unfortunately, a visitor came and my mom had to accompany her. Definitely,we need to wait for my mom.and guess what? Photo shoot again! To my outfit, it's a black & white color of the day for me, it's been so long that I haven't wear it. I've always been in love with black & white. Both my skirt and top are from  Old Navy while belt & flats are from Giordano. Just having that very simple look. They finished at around 3 pm, good thing they finished earlier, if not, we couldn't have been gotten the mall. Having that simple look on that day just made me feel very comfy. I even didn't get  tired even though we walked for hours in the mall.




Hope you enjoyed watching!

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