Thursday, 2 January 2014

Never Stop Exploring

Trying something new is the best way to do if you're trying to explore on to something. Like In fashion, You cannot just limit yourself only on what you see, or  what most of the people wear.  If you do that, You might just end up copying someone's style. I admit,  Before I've always wanted to wear clothes that's on the magazine wherein models wear. They're models, they wear clothes that is really "in" for the season. A lot of people look up to them, but in my point of view, we shouldn't really follow their style or how they wear. So that we may be able to know our own sense of fashion.  As I was saying, I finally realized  that I was blocking myself on what I am capable to do. Then I asked myself, why should I try something new? As you can see on my photos below, Believe it or not,  it was just my first time wearing a maxi dress. Actually it was my mom's dress, she gave it to me way back then when maxi dresses was still not that "in" to us teenagers. The first time I saw it, I really didn't like it at all, as in literally. Simply because I just find it really wierd. I feel like wearing an old fashioned clothes wherein my lola used to wear way back in her time. So all I'm trying to say is, we should not stop exploring, trying something new doesn't take away anything from us. Let's open our minds show the world  how we express ourselves in the field of fashion.  



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