Thursday, 2 January 2014

It's Christmas Time

December! My favorite month and it's the birth month of our savior Jesus Christ. December is one of the most happiest month that happen in our life every year, cause' we'll be swamp with a lot Christmas parties and Christmas gatherings. We even hear Christmas carols around the City. Just the Christmas vibe that we've always wanted. This is really the best season where we can stand out with our outfits and also the time where we can express ourselves. Definitely, red is the best color during Christmas eve, it reminds people to be happy cause' Jesus Christ is born. In the Chinese tradition, Red is also a symbol of luck. I bet most of the people during this time wear red. Just like we always do, following the trend every season, it may be the color, or the style. To my outfit, I wore my "red" checkered skirt which was bought by my aunt from US and I matched it with my Banana Republic shirt, it was just a simple look that's why my Red wedge shoes just stand out. And added a cute dangling earings to it.  Enjoy your Christmas everyone. Have a blessed Christmas! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

These photos were taken in Central Citywalk, at Robinsons during the birthday of my mom. We ate dinner @ Moon Cafe


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