Saturday, 31 October 2015

Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios was one of the highlights of my Singapore trip together.  The excitement was just unexplainable. Travelling outside the country together with your friends for the first time made me realize that you wouldn't mind being tired if you're having a good time.

We almost tried & witnessed all attractions in USS, but not all, Spending one whole day only was never enough to try all the rides, but then me & my friends were satisfied with what we have seen and tried especially The Revenge of the Mummy & The Transformer ride which were our favorites. We have seen also different characters from Universal Picture movies, like characters of The Sesame Street, Shrek & Fiona, The Madagacar & The Minions.

To sum up my day at USS, I really did had an amazing experience. After all, moments I spent with my family & friends will always be the best part everytime I travel. 

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