Saturday, 31 May 2014

Film Festival ( Bacollywood )

This summer, I got to join one of the most famous workshops in Bacolod,  The Bacollywood Workshops. It offers Digital Photography, Film Production, Cinematography, Make-up for theatre and films, Basic Acting and Theatre Improvisations. I  took the course basic acting. In my experience, I can truly say that the workshop was really amazing, I really didn't expect that it would be that fun and challenging  I really enjoyed every minute of our class. I have learned a lot of things,  all the activities and exercises we did, and the feedbacks that I hear from my fellow classmates really did help me in knowing myself better. I really felt very sad when the workshop ended, I've been so closed to them already, we did a lot of stuffs together in the workshop that I'm sure a lot people won't understand. We already knew each others strengths and weaknesses. One thing  I love about the people in Bacollywood, is that you can  really see  how passionate they are in their work and how they put their hearts into it. It's just so nice to be with people who loves the same passion as you. Bacollywood is just so beautiful. What an experience! 

We did a film which is entitled "Pamilya" and was shown in Art District. Here are some of my photos while I was waiting for the film to start.



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